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Dementia Beyond Disease

By Dr. G. Allen Power

Dementia Beyond Disease comes from the internationally acclaimed author of the groundbreaking and award-winning book Dementia Beyond Drugs and is another eye-opening exploration of how to improve the lives of people with dementia and those who care for them. In this book, Dr. G. Allen Power demonstrates how to achieve sustainable success in dementia care by placing an emphasis on well-being and the ways in which it can be enhanced in people living with dementia.

Revealing how drug-based interventions, completely holistic approaches, and even a combination of the two still fall short of addressing and meeting the needs of people with dementia, this book offers a proactive approach—one that challenges widely accepted dementia care practices and provides a well-being framework that can be implemented in any environment.

Through in-depth examinations of seven domains of well-being, the current care practices that erode them, and the transformative approaches that can restore them, readers will discover:

  • how to apply a well-being approach to the everyday care of people living with dementia
  • a highly adaptable framework that can be adopted in any living environment
  • valuable insight on overcoming physical and operational barriers to well-being
  • a wealth of person-centered, strengths-based approaches to care

Filled with true stories that demonstrate the power of a well-being approach to greatly improve the lives of people with dementia as well as those who care for them, this book presents methods that promise a new and hopeful vision for achieving the best possible outcomes for every person affected by this condition. Readers will be challenged, motivated, and profoundly inspired.

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