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A Tribute to Eden

What a lovely place is Eden
A replica of our Creator’s Art
The beautiful pictures on the wall
Would look well in a palace hall.

It has a lovely garden,
Of flowers red, yellow and blue
Life in the original garden of Eden
with plans of colour and hue.

There are many facets of beauty
Beauty of face and form
Birds in the tree tops warbling
Flowers this earth to adorn.

But there is a particular kind of beauty
that dwells deep within the heart
It goes beyond the bounds of duty
Joy and happiness it imparts.

To see this kind of beauty
One doesn’t have too far to go
For it is here at Eden
As all within it knows.

It dwells in the staff and residents
As everyone can see
It creates peace and contentment
But best of all, it’s ‘FREE’.

For it’s something money cannot buy;
A treasure of inestimable worth
An intangible quality that will never die;
It causes no pain or hurt.

It does not dwell in the proud or cruel
Is peaceful as a dove.
It’s more precious than all the world’s pure gold
And has the beautiful name of “LOVE”.

All the lovely, unselfish staff
Are filled with joy and glee
The rafters ring with their happy laugh
They are all very dear to me.

Of all the places I have been
This is my special home
For here is love and peace serene
So I’ve no more need to roam.

I can truly recommend it
For none with it compares
It is my home away from home
Where everybody shares.

And who care for one another
when one is ill in bed
Just like a loving mother
Who soothes an aching head.

So that’s why I love Eden
A place of love and light
A lovely, scintillating jewel
Shining day and night.