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Eden Community Visitors
An Eden Community Visitor reviews a home or community service’s progress towards the Eden ideals as they relate to different services. This includes how each home or community care organisation has and is implementing the 10 Principles associated with the Eden Alternative.

Eden community visitors are Eden Associates who have the experience of implementing the Eden Framework in their organisation.  They are transformation champions.  They use their knowledge and experience in implementation to support other organisations on their own growth path.

Each visitor forms a part of a supportive team that aims to improve the quality of care in a variety of settings.

Becoming an Eden Community Visitor

To be considered an Eden Community Visitor, Eden Associates will need to:

  • apply to become an Eden Community Visitor
  • provide the date their Eden Associate training was completed
  • provide a summary of progress towards Edenising at their organisation
  • participate in at least 2 “trainee observation” visit with 2 experienced visitors (conditions as per Trainers Policy)
  • ensure your availability to conduct an “observation” visit with approval from your workplace to be released for future Community Visits

For further information contact us.