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Eden Around The World

The Eden Alternative has developed an exceptional team of International Regional Coordinators dedicated to sharing the Ten Principles with people around the world.

Currently, we have Regional Coordinators in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. As the world ages, the demand for innovative care solutions will continue to spread across the globe.

In the spirit of person-directed practice, International Regional Coordinators work closely with the Eden Alternative Home Office to ensure that our educational offerings and materials speak to the unique needs and customs of the cultures they represent.

Through a licensing agreement, Regional Coordinators are encouraged to grow The Eden Alternative in a manner that inspires change and best supports their country’s distinctive system of care services.


We understand that language may be a barrier to communication and learning. If you wish to speak with someone about The Eden Alternative in a language other than English, please see below.


Om met iemand van ‘The Eden Alternative’ kontak te maak wat Afrikaans praat, skakel of epos – Rayne Stroebel, tel: +27 21 4617754.


Um sich mit jemandem von The Eden Alternative zu verbinden, der Deutsch spricht, rufen Sie bitte Aase Porsmose an (+45 22 45 41 88) oder schicken Sie eine E-Mail


För att ansluta till någon från The Eden Alternative, som förstår svenska, ringa eller maila till:

Karin Dahl (+45 40 55 46 50) E-post eller

Aase Porsmose (+45 22 45 41 88) E-post


For å få kontakt med noen fra The Eden Alternative, som forstår norsk, vennligst ring eller email:

Karin Dahl (+45 40 55 46 50) E-post   eller

Aase Porsmose (+45 22 45 41 88) E-post


Til að hafa samband við aðila frá The Eden Alternative sem talar íslensku, vinsamlega hringdu eða sendu póst til Rannveig Guðnadóttir tölvupósti  s.00354 8965098



Para contactar con alguien de The Eden Alternative en español, por favor llame o envíe un correo electrónico a David Sprowl, (404) 441-6686.

If you are looking to connect in a language not listed here, please send an email in English to Kathy Hagen and she will work to find you a connection