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Upcoming Events

Our upcoming training events are regularly updated.  If you’re unsure of the next training event in your area, please email us.

We first came across Eden Alternative in 2019, where Stephanie attended a 3-day training with elderly service leaders of Hong Kong. It was an eye-opener as a CEO to reconsider care culture through a new lens with a person-directed approach. The training was professional and personal, everyone shared their own work and life experiences when discussing about the 10 principles of Eden Alternative. The experience was very rewarding. I was able to understand the three plagues of ageing: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom and their antidote.

Later, fourteen of our core team members joined a more in-depth training as we were preparing for the launch of latest Senior Community-Forward Living. We underwent 6 weeks of intensive workshop with Eden Oz & NZ, Coach Sally Hopkins and Chris McMahon have helped us to explore the possibilities of Eden and ways for implementing the principles in our community.

We have built a strong bond with our team members with a shared goal. We have also aligned our visions on nurturing a person directed care culture. It has changed the way we perceive care and provide care, as well as how we communicate with our elders. Our team was amazed by the depth and breathe of the course. We even came up with a new “dictionary” for us to adopt the Eden Language in our local culture and care setting.

We would always remember The Eden Golden Rule, “as managers do unto the staff, so shall the staff do unto the elders.” A person-directed approach starts from putting elders at the center. It involves everyone and in everything we do.

We would highly recommend the Eden Alternative to all care home operators and practitioners, as we unlearn the past for a more desirable habitat that encourages elders to thrive and grow in a meaningful way.

Stephanie Law and Queenie Man
Managing Director,
Culture Homes and Forward Living Senior Community, Hong Kong