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What's new in the global Eden Alternative education world

New Education opportunities for you and your teams

Covid became a blessing as we couldn’t meet people face to face.  As a consequence we have created new online content that is delivered in real time.  So if you are:

  • Time poor?  
  • Team needing inspiration?
  • Flexible with training options?

Consider some online workshops that will energise you and your teams.

Online Training Courses Now Available:

Eden Associate Training

6 x 3-hour training sessions (1 session per week over 6 weeks) for organisations who are in the process of Culture Change.  This course has evolved from our 3-day Eden Associate on-site course and provides facility managers with an easier way to release staff for training.

You can also access free content at that will also assist you with team development and leadership skills.

Please contact us for further information on these and our in person training products.


The Zen Garden

The garden represents the natural balance and simplicity of nature. The rocks that have been placed represent different elements – fire rocks, earth rock, etc depending on shape and position. The ‘pebble river’ flows along the length of the garden.

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A Tribute to Eden

What a lovely place is EdenA replica of our Creator’s ArtThe beautiful pictures on the wallWould look well in a palace hall. It has a lovely garden,Of flowers red, yellow and blueLife in the original garden of Edenwith plans of colour

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Bushfires, Helplessness, Hope and Charity

Since September 2019 (Spring for us), Australia has had bushfires happening around the country, starting in New South Wales (NSW) which is on the east coast of the country, moving up to Queensland, then South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

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Winter Wellbeing

How do you keep the spirits of staff, residents or clients and families up when it’s the middle of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Using the Eden Seed Packets as a framework, the below poem created by Debbie Leonard reminds

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Rainbow Bridge

Eden Alternative Principle 2 articulates that in creating a human habitat we need close and continuing contact with plants, animals and people of all abilities, but especially children. We know that the psychological support given to Elders, by companion animals

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