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Living the Eden Way….to the tune of “Daisy, Daisy…”

Verse 1:

Eden, Eden Give us the answer ­do!

“The System’s” crazy We need to implement you!

We want to empower our “Rezzies”, And give our care staff prezzies, And all feel great, (Old ways we’ll hate) Eden hurry to our rescue!

Verse 2:

Meaningful activity Is what it’s all about.

When Elders don’t have it­ We all want to scream and shout!

Show us how to be productive­, To health it is “conductive”. Principle Six, our box we “ticks”, And our Elders know they’ve got clout!

Verse 3:

Pills and Potions, (Lasix and Sennakot.)

We all know that Medicines mean a lot!

But only to treat an illness­, Not always promoting “ wellness”. Help us to keep our “meds” in check­, Happy elders are what we’ve got!

Verse 4:

Elders, Elders What have they got to say?

We must LISTEN All growing, day­by­day.

We want them to make decisions. Their lives are in transition.

Ask them to Speak Procedures tweak­ And we’ll all live the Eden way!

Alice Hazebroek 31/07/17­02/08/17 ~ Perth­ Eden Associate