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Eden Registry Membership

Becoming a certified centre of excellence

An Eden Certified Organisation is an organisation choosing to commit to the Principles and Practices of the Eden Alternative and to work toward the integration of those Principles and Practices within their organisation.

Certified organisations become members of the Eden Registry. For organisations who commit to implementing the Eden Alternative approach, there is an expectation that they will apply for and become a registered Edenising home, centre or organisation within the first 12-18 months of any Eden Associate training being held.

The first Eden Principles that all organisations have validated are Principles 2 and 10.

We provide a robust, onsite, validation process which enables organisations to share their Eden journey challenges and successes with Eden Community Visitors.  We aim to mentor, coach and support everyone who embarks on this important work.  We have no operational control over any organisation in how they implement the Eden Approach. Our role is primarily to provide education and support, not monitoring.

Validation process

Our validation process is not part of any regulatory system or other quality mark / program.  It is independent of all other government processes or legislative requirements.

The validation process beings with an application to join.  This is followed by a 1 – 2 hour pre-visit (off-site) review of all documentation. An onsite visit is arranged at a mutually convenient time and  usually takes one day.  For larger organisations this may take 2 days to fully immerse ourselves in your communities.  There is a fee for this process.

Adopting and fully embedding the Eden philosophy as the foundation for care and the basis on which to build other good practices is proving to be successful in gaining high quality ratings.

We have a number of exemplar homes and organisations who have committed to the Eden Alternative for a number of years and continue to raise the bar on improving wellbeing for all.

Thinking about applying for Eden Registry Membership?

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Being committed to creating a life worth living is an ongoing journey for all.