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Rainbow Bridge

Eden Alternative Principle 2 articulates that in creating a human habitat we need close and continuing contact with plants, animals and people of all abilities, but especially children.

We know that the psychological support given to Elders, by companion animals is profound. They love unconditionally, eliminate loneliness and boredom and create a reason for us to get out of bed each day, reducing a feeling of helplessness as we care giving care to each other.

When we live in our own homes, the issue of who will care for my pet if I can’t is generally sorted through the support of friends or family. If we have to move into a care home environment what happens then? Can I take ‘Muffy’ with me?

Edenising homes are facing this challenge and enabling, where practical, the ongoing support of companion animals in care environments. A care support plan for each animal is necessary including an advance care plan for those emergency situations that we hadn’t thought about. And then there is the day when they are no longer with us. What happens when our beloved pet passes away? How do we acknowledge the grief and loss associated with their passing?

This poem, “The Rainbow Bridge” was written by people who had lost a beloved pet… and were conscious of others’ needs.

Feel free to download and share whenever there is a need to provide love and support to anyone who has lost a beloved pet.