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Winter Wellbeing

How do you keep the spirits of staff, residents or clients and families up when it’s the middle of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  Using the Eden Seed Packets as a framework, the below poem created by Debbie Leonard reminds us of why we do the work we do.

10 Cute penguins, you can see
We work at P S S C
Our job here is most important
To stop our elders feeling dormant.

There’s SNOW much that we can tell
‘bout a philosophy they know so well
Loneliness, helplessness & boredom
Combating this here is really awesome.

A Dr William (Bill) H. Thomas
A USA author, performer, physician
Developed the Eden Alternative
For nursing home deinstitutionalization

Through Eden we’ve sowed seeds of change
To nurture a garden of reward
We celebrate meaning, choice, companionship
Spontaneity… they’re all restored

We’ve opened our hearts to our elders
And learned who they really are
Embracing, supporting, encouraging
These beautiful folk…..our stars

So welcome to our home
Where days are filled with hope & laughter
Our place of love, friendship, and caring
And happiness ever after

Author: Debbie Leonard, Enliven Presbyterian Support South Canterbury – June 2019