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More Eden Registry Success in New Zealand

Presbyterian Support South Canterbury, Timaru New Zealand – Fully registered homes…

Congratulations to Presbyterian Support South Canterbury for a successful membership application to the Eden Registry with Eden in Oz & NZ. PSSC has now achieved recognition and validation in all 10 Eden Principles for their 3 homes which are:

  • The Croft, Timaru
  • Margaret Wilson Home, Timaru
  • Wallingford Home, Temuka

Many staff have been trained as Eden Associates and it is evident that the organisation and PSSC Board is committed to ensuring that the lives of residents, staff and the wider community focuses upon creating an environment where close and continuous contact with the community is paramount to the health of all concerned. They have a thriving human habitat and a significant shift in their culture of care where the residents are in control of their environment.

Each home has it’s own interests and strengths that are a reflection of the people who live in each home. There is no ‘one size fits all’ mentality with this group. They actively strive to engage their community in decision making across all services, including community care.

Visit their website for more information.

Enliven – Brightwater, Palmerston North, New Zealand – achieves fully registered home status

A wonderful milestone was achieved by the team and community at Enliven Brightwater home in December 2017. After a significant period of frost, new Manager, Lee-Anne Morgan and her Eden team including residents, volunteers and staff changed the stagnating culture to one of excitement, energy, compassion and love. Their journey to validate existing Eden Principles and to strive for recognition in new Eden Principles meant a lot of hard work, heartache, headaches and ultimately success in their venture. Culture change isn’t easy work. However, the rewards are truly startling when all the components of creating home come together.

This home isn’t the newest, or the flashiest but it’s heart is in the people who live and work at Brightwater. Their resident community includes higher care residents, people living with dementia and other disabilities and people living in the village.

The Eden leadership team have developed an ethos of collaboration and empowerment. You will see this in the engagement of residents in the normal day to day living in and around the home; nursing staff provide opportunities for improved wellbeing through aromatherapy and visualisation sessions; residents are actively engaged in communicating ‘what’s on’ in the home; creative skills are developing through an innovative art class; gardens are being planned, co-ordinated and created by residents; resident councils enable everyone in their neighbourhood to have a voice. The local community is very supportive, with many of them wanting a room for themselves or their loved one when the time might come. This home says, “come and live here…”

Visit their website for more information.