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What are Old People For?

“What Are old People For? – How Elders will save the World” by William H Thomas M.D.

Dr Thomas describes how our obsession with youth damages the well-being of all, young and old alike, and he offers an alternative. He blends the spirit of optimism with useful advice, helping us see society in a new light. There is a new age waiting to be discovered, ready to be explored… and he shows us how we can:-

  • Enjoy what ageing has to offer us, and actually welcome it into our lives
  • Abolish today’s version of low care/high care nursing homes and rest-home centres so that no elder has to fear being placed in an institution
  • Develop the capacity for peacemaking and wisdom-giving that grows within older people
  • Create Green House – communities where older people live together intentionally, bringing meaning and worth to the last half of life
  • Begin building a society where ageing and longevity are used to improve life for people of all ages.

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